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Member Benefits

Expert Account Service:

At National Flooring Warehouse, it is our tradition to operate as an extension of your business. We do this by assisting with your order selection process as well as expediting your order. This allows us to achieve fast turnaround times and faster turnaround times result in a more profitable project for you! Helping you maximize all of the wholesale advantages that are available to you is what assists us in delivering a high degree of customer satisfaction and added success for your business.

Project Expertise:

We travel globally reviewing on-site manufacturing processes, quality control and design capabilities to ensure we stay tuned in to the latest, most current flooring trends, specifications and warranties including the availability of timeless styles of the past. Let us help guide you in choosing the correct products at the right price point and we’ll ensure they’re delivered to your project in a timely manner, resulting in projects that are completed on schedule and on budget. Having the ability to rely on our expertise, gives you an advantage over your competition whether it’s a small in-home or large commercial project.

Wholesale Pricing:

Our buying power and over 30 years in the industry gives us the ability to help the smart buyer by-pass the local store and over the top margins. Why pay retail, when you can buy wholesale? By taking advantage of our strong relationships, we can bring to you the best of the best at a price that allows you to make the highest profit margins 24/7.