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NATIONAL FLOORING WAREHOUSE was created with your project in mind. We provide flooring products direct from our factories with the “best in quality” for aesthetics, durability and innovation. Furthermore, with the ease and convenient access to our products, we want the customer to feel “We’re only a phone call away”. Contact us today!

833-4FLOORZ or sales@nationalflooringwarehouse.com

Our goal is to link innovative manufacturers and our members with quality flooring products specific to the products and designs to meet their needs. Most recently, we identified a need to provide consumers the ability to purchase our products via the Internet. NATIONAL FLOORING WAREHOUSE was developed to bring you information about Area Rugs, Carpet, Wood Products and other flooring, so you can make the best buying decision for your project.

This allows the smart buyer to by-pass the local store with outrageous margins, having product shipped directly from one of our warehouse locations or direct from one of our factories. NATIONAL FLOORING WAREHOUSE has developed strong relationships with quality manufacturers supporting multiple product categories. These relationships allow us to bring you the “best of the best” in quality, consistency, and innovation in flooring products for you.

We’ve traveled globally, even before the formation of our company, reviewing on-site manufacturing processes, quality control, and design capabilities of numerous Carpet, Luxury Vinyl, Wood and Area Rug factories and fabricators. Over 40 trips have been made in the past 6 years to these factories, with the most innovative and quality-driven principles, to bring new products to the North American marketplace.

NATIONAL FLOORING WAREHOUSE can provide a range of products, from small in-home to large commercial projects.

When Curt Robinson started NATIONAL FLOORING WAREHOUSE the goal was to link global manufacturers with global customers. After 30 years in the flooring industry we recognized the need to provide unique products to the trade and end-users.

I understand what the marketplace is asking for. NATIONAL FLOORING WAREHOUSE and our partnered manufacturers focus on providing great products to the innovative customer. Aside from my passion for business, people ask me what my hobbies are or what do I really enjoy. I like golf (although I haven’t played much in the past few years) and relaxing at the beach. I love to interact with new friends and acquaintances, understanding their diverse backgrounds, why they live where they live and work where they work and what makes them smile (usually, it is a story or a memory about family or their favorite pet).

I hope you will feel connected with NATIONAL FLOORING WAREHOUSE and our team. If there is anything I can do to answer a question or concern, please contact me.